How to Play AVI files in Windows Media Player

Help! I have audio but no video while playing an AVI file in Windows Media Player. In the following tutorial, I'll show you how to playback AVI files with Windows Media Player that were created using the XVID, DX50, DIVX, or mp4v video compression format. By default, Windows Media Player will playback the audio of these AVI files, but will not render the video. To fix this problem, we simply need to install the proper XVID codec and we will be on our way to watching those XVID encoded AVI movies on our PC.

How to play .AVI movies in Windows Media Player:

The XVID codec was found on Koepi's Media Development Site (official supplier of compiled XVID codec). You can get the latest revision Here.

  1. First download the XVID codec
  2. Next, click and run Xvid-1.3-###.exe to install the Xvid codec
  3. Now, open up your AVI movie with Windows Media Player and Media Player should now render both audio and video:
Hancock Trailer AVI in Windows Media
Hancock AVI Trailer in Windows Media

Enjoy! ;)