Mailto Links Not Working

Mailto links not working from Chrome on Windows 10. I recently encountered an issue where all mailto links listed on websites were not working or opening in Chrome or Firefox browsers. The operating system was Windows 10 and email client was Windows Live Mail. As it turns out, the mailto association was incorrect so Chrome, Firefox and several other browsers couldn't set Windows Mail to automatically open the mailto links.

  1. Open Set Associations: Control Panel > Programs > Default Programs > Associate a file type or protocol with a program Control Panel Programs Control Panel Default Programs Control Panel Associate a file type or protocol with a program
  2. From the list, select MAILTO and click Change Properties Set Associations - Mailto Links Not Working
  3. Select the default program you would like to have handle the mailto links, and click OK.

    Set Default MailTo Program
    Set Default Mailto Program
  4. Close the Set Associations Window and Control Panel window and try an example > mailto link.