My screen goes blank after Windows logo displays

Question: Help! My Windows XP system displays the Windows boot logo and then the screen goes black and nothing else displays. I've tried another monitor thinking that this might be the problem and still have the same results. I have not performed any hardware or software upgrades but did perform a System Restore due to other issues. My PC boots fine into safe mode. How can I fix this problem?

Answer: Since your able to boot in safe mode, and everything works once booted up in safe mode, I would assume there is a problem with your Video Card Drivers. They are either corrupt or the incorrect drivers for your card. Try the following steps to resolve the problem:

Fixing the Windows blank Screen on System bootup:

  1. Boot your PC in Safe Mode
  2. One your system is up and running, change your Video Card Drivers to a default of VGA or sVGA and reboot again
  3. If the System its booting up correctly this time around, Locate the Video Card manufacturer on the Web and then try to find and install the correct drivers for your Video Card