Restoring Thunderbird after PC Reset

If you've been forced to reset your PC, you might be wondering how to restore your thunderbird profile, email addresses, and all sent and received emails after a Windows reset. In the following simple solution, I cover exactly this process.

Restoring Thunderbird after Windows PC Reset

Here is how to restore Thunderbird emails after resetting a Windows PC. You could also use this process to copy or move Thunderbird to another PC.

    1. Start by closing Thunderbird if it is running.
    2. From the %AppData% path, rename the "thunderbird" folder to "thunderbird-old"
    3. Copy (Ctrl+c) the Thunderbird folder from the Windows.old AppData path
    4. Paste (Ctrl+v) the copied Thunderbird folder into AppData\Roaming path;

      You should end up with two thunderbird folders Restoring Thunderbird After Reset

    5. Restart Thunderbird.

If all went well, your email address and all emails should be recovered. If so, you can proceed to delete the Thunderbird.old folder. That's all there is to Restoring Thunderbird.