Roku Remote Stopped Controlling TV Power and Volume

Roku remote won't turn on tv; What do you do when your Roku remote no longer works to Control your TV Power and Volume? I've encountered this issue twice now, on two separate Roku/TV setups. Previously the remotes worked fine to Power On/Off the TV and control volume. But for no apparent reason, they just stopped working. In one case the TV could still be turned off, but not turned on via the Roku remote. In the other case, the volume could be controlled, but the TV could not be turned off. With both cases, running the Roku remote setup wizard fixed the problem.

How to Make Roku Control TV Power and Volume

    1. First you'll need to turn on your TV with its remote or power button. Then turn on Roku with your Roku remote.
    2. Next, (1) navigate to Settings > Remotes & devices. (2) Remotes
      Roku Settings Remotes and Devices - Remotes
    3. Now select the option to Setup remote for TV control
      Setup Remote For TV Control
    4. The Remote Setup Wizard will proceed to run a series of tests in an attempt to detect your TV code. First it will ask; Is music playing?
      Roku Remote Setup Wizard - Is Music Playing
    5. Next the Wizard will ask; Has the music stopping playing?
      Roku Has the Music Stopped Playing
    6. Once finished, you'll see the following notification; Success! Your Roku remote is set up to control this TV's power & volume.
      Roku Remote Setup Success
    7. Now try using your Roku remote to control your Televisions volume. Then try to turn the TV Off/On using the Roku remote.

If all went well, you should have regained control over volume and power of your TV through the Roku remote.