Slipstream Windows XP with service pack 2

This article covers the process of Slipstreaming service pack 2 into Windows XP and creating a new Slipstreamed Boot CD to be used for later installs. Slipstreaming eliminates the need to install service pack 2 after Windows installation because the updates are installed from the CD during installation.

Slipstreaming Service Pack into Windows XP:Â

  1. First insert your Windows XP CD.
  2. Copy all of your Windows XP CD content to a new folder on your hard drive. Example: C:\XPCD
  3. Download Service Pack 2 (English version 266 MB) and save it to a another new folder on your hard drive Example: C:\SP2
  4. Now, click Start-> Run-> type cmd in the run box, and navigate to the folder where you downloaded SP2 (cd \foldername).
  5. Type the servicepack filename /integrate:drive/path. Example: WindowsXP-KB835935-SP2-ENU /integrate:C:\XPCD

The service pack files will be extracted and integrated in your Windows XP files. When finished, you'll get a confirmation. Windows XP Service Pack 2 has now been Slipstreamed into your original Windows XP files.

Note: If you get a failure notice stating that SP2 could not be integrated into a destination that already contained an integrated Service Pack (common on OEM install CDs), delete SP1 out of the XP folder on the hard drive where you had copied the contents of the CD. From the i386 folder, also delete the following:,, svcpack.inf and the svcpack folder.

Creating the Bootable CD

Most people use IsoBuster and Nero Burning ROM 6 for this step (make sure you have the latest version of NERO (at least

  1. Download and Install IsoBuster (you can choose to use the products free functionality for what were doing)
  2. Make sure your original Windows XP CD is in the CD-ROM drive.
  3. Start to extract the boot loader from the original Windows XP CD. Using IsoBuster, select the folder Bootable CD, and right-click Microsoft Corporation.img.
  4. From the menu choose Extract Microsoft Corporation.img, and extract it to the folder on your hard drive where you have your Windows XP files. Example: C:\XPCD
  5. Next, start Nero Burning ROM, and choose CD-ROM (Boot) in the New Compilation window. On the Boot tab, select Image file under Source of boot image data, and browse to the location of the Microsoft Corporation.img file.
  6. Also enable Expert Settings, choosing No Emulation, and changing the Number of loaded sectors to 4 otherwise it WONT boot!
  7. Now you can customize the Label tab to your liking or leave it as is.
  8. Next press New, and from the File Browser window, select the files and folders from your slipstreamed location. Example: C:\XPCD. Now drag & drop the selected files in the ISO1 window.
  9. Next, burn your new CD.

You should now have a New Bootable, Slipstreamed Windows XP with Service Pack 2 CD.