Stock 2009 Challenger RT Auto Dyno Runs

Stock 2009 Challenger RT Auto Dyno Run: After breaking in my new 2009 Dodge Challenger RT 5.7 Hemi, I decided it was time to see what the Challenger could put down for power and torque, stock on a Dynojet. For reference, from the factory a 2009 Dodge Challenger RT with an automatic transmission is rated at 372HP and 400 FT LBs of Torque.

I chose to put my car to test at DynoSport. I worked with Dan who is a very knowledgeable Dyno Technician. I'd highly recommend anyone located in or near Nebraska looking to have their car, truck, or motorcycle Dyno'd give Dan a call. His prices and service simply can't be beat.

My White 2009 Challenger RT Auto

First off, let me introduce you to my white 2009 Dodge Challenger R/T. The car in an AutoStick with all of the options except: GPS, sunroof and 20 inch wheels. The RT package comes with the 5.7 Liter (345 Cubic Inch) Hemi Engine rated at 372 HP. The car is completely stock with the exception of hood struts, and a drop in K&N air filter. I also have a Diablosport predator tuner which I used to disable the factory Dodge MDS (Multiple Displacement System), ESP (Electronic Stability Program) and speed limiter for the dyno runs.

2009 Challenger R/T on the Dyno

I arrived at Dynosport in Lincoln, NE at shortly after 6:30pm and had the Challenger on the Dynojet by around 6:45pm ready to make some dyno pulls. Note there were NO cooldown periods in between pulls!

Challenger RT Dyno from the front

Stock 2009 Challenger RT Auto Dyno Test

The following are the test results from my 09 Challenger RT Auto dyno runs. We made 4 consecutive dyno pulls in fourth gear (1:1). One was disrupted and removed (hence the results showing run 001, 003, 004).

The first is in Blue, second in Red, third in Green. On the first run I hit the factory speed limiter somewhere between 140-160 mph. On the second and third Dyno pull, we disabled that feature.

The second Dyno Pull resulted in the best numbers, yielding 317.8 HP and 348.3 FT LB of Torque "At the Wheels".

FHP = RHP + 17% (auto trans)

If my calculations are correct, figuring a 17% loss through the automatic driveline, my car is producing roughly 372 HP and 408 FT LB of Torque, which is dead on with the Dodge claims of 372 HP/400 LB FT for the AutoStick Challenger cars.

2009 Challenger RT Dyno Baseline

Here is the complete Dyno breakdown in 100 rpm intervals. Including barometric pressure, vapor pressure and air temperature. It was a hot and sticky day, those numbers are uncorrected and corrected in the chart above.

2009 Challenger RT Autostick Dyno Stats - Results