How to fix a Stop 0x0000000A error

A Stop 0x0000000A error in Windows is an annoying error that can occur during or after the installation of Windows or during an upgrade. It might also occur after installing new hardware, drivers, or when a processor tries to resume from a C1 idle state. These stop messages are text code error messages that also known as blue screens of death (BSoD). They almost always contain information that can help you diagnose and resolve the problem.

A Stop 0x0000000a message means that a process or driver attempted to access a memory section without permission, or at a kernel interrupt request level (IRQL) that was too high. This message is likely a sign of incompatible software (I.E. drivers) or worst case scenario can mean you have faulty hardware (I.E. bad memory).

Fixing 0x0000000a BSOD errors

Possible Stop 0x0A Fixes:

  1. Stop 0x0A messages encountered when performing a Windows upgrade, are most likely due to an incompatible driver. One solution in these cases is to remove non required device drivers and system services (such as virus scanners) prior to running setup. Once you have successfully upgraded Window, obtain and install new Windows compatible drivers for your computers related hardware.
  2. Stop 0x0A message encountered after installing a driver, service, or firmware. If the message lists a driver, you can remove or roll back the driver to attempt to correct the issue. If removing or rolling back the driver fixes the problem, you should seek an updated driver from the manufacturer of the device.
  3. Stop 0x0A messages can also be the sign of failing hardware. If the message lists any devices, try removing or replacing the hardware if necessary to determine if the device is causing the problem.
  4. If the problem still occurs, your System Memory may be at fault. I've personally seen NEW Memory that was defective. You can check your system memory by using Memtest86+ . Simply burn this memtest86+ bootable USB version to a flash drive and boot your system from the USB to perform a memory test.