Turn Num Lock On or Off on a Laptop

How to turn num lock on or off on a Laptop. Many smaller laptops and notebooks use keyboards that do not have a numlock key or even a numpad. In the following simple solution, I cover a method to turn number lock on or off, on the fly using software created for this very purpose.

NumLocker | Num Lock Enabler

Numlocker Enabler - Disabler Script

The example shown above is using my "NumLocker". This special num lock enabler can be used on computers without a numpad or physical num lock key available on the keyboard.

How to enable or disable Num Lock without a Key

I've created a simple visual basic script (vbs) for use on computers with a keyboard that does not have a physical number lock key. Such as the keyboards often found on smaller laptops which do not have a numpad. You're free to use this tool to programmatically (turn on) enable or (turn off) disable num locking on your PC.

To begin using NumLocker at a PC without a physical numlock key:

  1. Download NumLocker Enabler 
  2. Then, to turn Num Lock On:
    Double click the numlock.vbs script.
  3. Or to turn Num Lock Off:
    Simply double click the script again.

That's all there is to it. If you found this little software utility useful, and think that others might find the program helpful as well, please feel free to share this link with them.