Turn Num Lock On or Off on a Laptop

How to turn Num Lock on or off on a Laptop: Many Laptops, notebooks, and keyboards do not feature a NumLock key or even a Numpad. In the following simple solution, I'll show you one very easy way to turn Num Lock On or Off, on the fly.

By using my "NumLocker Enabler" on computers without a Num Lock Keyboard.

NumLocker Enabler

Numlocker Enabler - Disabler Script

How to enable or disable Num Lock on a Laptop

I've created a simple numlock.vbs script for use on computers with a keyboard that does not have a physical Number Lock key. Such as laptops or notebooks which do not have a Numpad. You're free to use the tool to (turn on) enable or (turn off) disable Num Lock on your PC.

To begin using NumLocker at a PC without a Num Lock Keyboard:

  1. Download NumLocker Enabler which is a vbs script.
  2. Then, to turn Num Lock On:
    Simply double click the numlock.vbs script
  3. Or to turn Num Lock Off:
    Double click the script again

That's all there is to it, Enjoy!