Upgrading CPU on HP Laptops

Upgrading CPU on HP laptops. Is it worth it? Is the CPU or Processor upgrade procedure complicated? How long does it take? These are common questions in regard to upgrading from the factory original processor that ships with many laptops. In the following article, I discuss my experience in regard to working with and upgrading CPU on HP laptops; in particular the HP DV6000, DV9000 series laptops.

HP CPU Processor Replacement Video

Here is a nice, yet simple video clip direct from HP outlining the Processor replacement process on a Laptop.

Replacing a CPU on HP Laptops

I have personally replaced the factory original T5450 processor in a HP DV9548us laptop with a new T7500 and can honestly say that the procedure was relatively painless and well worth the effort and cost. However, I recommend downloading the HP DV9500 service manual and thoroughly reading from page 55 to page 104 of the "component replacement procedures" section.

In order to remove and replace the T5450 processor on the HP DV6000 and DV9000 series laptops, the entire motherboard must be removed from the case. This means you will be removing the top covers, keyboard, screen assembly and board cover plate. The CPU replacement process should take between 3-5 hours from start to finish if you have never worked on a laptop before. Probably the toughest and most involved part of tearing down and reassembling an HP laptop is removing and reconnecting ziff connectors. Ziff connectors are those tiny ribbon cables that are used throughout the laptop to connect your peripheral to the the board. If you aren't careful with these fragile ziff connectors, you can easily damage them.

I personally feel that anyone with a working knowledge of computer hardware and components should be able to successfully replace or upgrade a T5450 processor in an HP laptop. Just make sure you have a comfortable and clean workbench to use and plenty of time set aside to complete the project.