How to Add Missing Photoshop Arrows

How To add back missing Photoshop arrows? Starting with Photoshop 2020 and beyond, the custom shape tool was slimmed down and as a result, legacy arrows in Photoshop have gone missing. If you are anything like me, you probably depend upon and use these arrow shapes in Photoshop for annotation.

In the following simple solution, I cover how you can get those annotation arrows and shapes back. And as a result, set you on your way back to using arrows for annotation.

The following is just one way to bring back Photoshop legacy arrow shapes. There may be other methods that work just as well. Photoshop is a graphical image editing and design software product created by Adobe. This posting is not affiliated with or officially endorsed by Adobe.

How to Add Missing Photoshop Arrows and Shapes

To add back photoshop arrow shapes:

  1. Launch Photoshop, and then navigate to Window -> Shapes
    Photoshop Window Shapes - adding Photoshop Arrows
    A Shapes window will appear.
  2. (1.) Click the hamburger Menu,
    (2.) Then select Legacy Shapes and More
    Photoshop Legacy Shapes
  3. From the custom shape selection tool, arrows should now appear from the dropdown.
    To find them, look under:
    Legacy Shapes and More > All Legacy Default Shapes > Arrows.
    add Missing Photoshop Arrows

I hope you found this simple solution helpful to get back your missing arrow shapes in Photoshop. If you did find this posting useful, you might also want to check out how to reset Photoshop. This can come in handy for situations where you've made many changes and want to revert back to an unmodified clean slate.