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How to Add Missing Photoshop Arrows

Photoshop Append Default ShapesHow To add back missing Photoshop arrows? Starting with Photoshop 2020 and beyond, the custom shape tool was slimmed down and as a result, legacy arrows in Photoshop have gone missing.

Can't Open or Create New Files in Photoshop

Photoshop Use Legacy InterfaceIf you are suddenly unable to open or create new files in Photoshop, know that you are not alone. I have also personally encountered this issue after a recent PS update.

Photoshop Open Files in New Window

CS4 Set Default to Open Images in a New WindowAdobe Photoshop - How to Open Files in a New Window: Photoshop versions CS4 and newer come with a new feature called "Tabbed Document Windows" (works like the tabbed browsing many browsers use). However, some people (myself included) do not like this new feature.

CSS Transparency for Firefox IE Safari and Opera

css transparency firefoxTransparency or CSS Opacity in Firefox, Internet Explorer (IE), Safari and Opera. In the following simple solution, I show you how to set transparency or opacity for an element and have it render correctly in all popular browsers.

Adobe Photoshop Monitor Profile is Corrupted

bad photoshop profileAfter replacing or upgrading a monitor on your computer, you may encounter an error when launching Adobe Photoshop. The error may read as follows: The monitor profile is corruped or default monitor profile appears to be defective.

Remove the Register Photoshop Prompt

register photoshop nag click do not registerPhotoshop keeps asking me to register every time I start it, even though I have already registered Photoshop. This recurring "Register Photoshop" problem is a known issue with Photoshop CS2 when installed on Windows.

Adobe Photoshop CS3 fails to Update

admin permissions for device centralPhotoshop CS3 fails to install Update. When performing the Adobe Flash Lite 3 update for Adobe Device Central CS3, you might encounter the error: "Flash Lite 3 Update for Device Central CS3 failed to install".

Photoshop freezes when opening a file

The other day, I started noticing a major problem with my Adobe Photoshop installation on a particular computer. Every time I went to open an existing file or create a new file, Adobe would lock up or freeze.

How to Remove the Green Box on Zoom in Camtasia

Camtasia Remove the Green Box on ZoomCamtasia is an awesome screen recorder to use for publishing Screencasts, Tutorials and YouTube videos. When using the smart focus feature, Camtasia Studio is setup to display a green box or green rectangle when zooming in to sections of your screencast.