How to Embed Mp3 Music on a Website

It is easy to Embed Mp3 Music, Audio Files, or Songs on a Website or Webpage, so that your visitors can choose to play music in the background while they browse your site. This can be accomplished via the embed tag. However, some browsers like Firefox might not be natively hooked to a default media player, leaving the user to install additional plugins. Sure you could embed Windows Media Player, but the code would not function if the user was without Windows Media Player installed.
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Photoshop CS4 Open Files in New Window

Adobe Photoshop CS4 – How to Open Files in a New Window: CS4 ships with a new feature called “Tabbed Document Windows” (works like the tabbed browsing many browsers use). However, some people (myself included) do not like this new feature. In the following simple solution, I’ll show you how to mimic the old Photoshop behavior of opening each image in a new window.

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Photoshop – Unable to continue because of a hardware or system error

Unable to continue because of a hardware or system error. Sorry, but this error is Unrecoverable. If you receive and error like this while starting Photoshop, your not alone. I have noticed that this error often times appears to step from corrupted  settings. In the following simple solution, I will show you how I address the issue, and get my Photoshop working when this Unable to continue Photoshop error is encountered.

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Margin Differences – Internet Explorer and Firefox

Margin Spacing Different in Firefox than Internet Explorer: If you have spent a good amount time messing with CSS, you may have noticed that the margins set for a Class or ID can often preview different in Firefox and Internet Explorer (IE 6 and earlier versions). In most cases the alignment problem will appear  if you have margins applied to a floating element. This issue is also known as the IE6 Double Margin Bug. In the following simple solution, I’ll show you how to make the margin spacing appear the same in both Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers.

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CSS Transparency for Firefox IE Safari and Opera

Transparency or CSS Opacity in Firefox, Internet Explorer (IE), Safari and Opera. In the following simple solution, I show you how to set Transparency or Opacity for an element and have it render correctly in all popular browsers. In order to acheive this, we need to use  four different CSS statements.  Each statement can be individually adjusted to fine tune the transparency results for different browsers.

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Adobe Photoshop Monitor Profile is Corrupted

After replacing or upgrading a monitor on your computer, you may encounter an error when launching Adobe Photoshop. The error may read as follows: The monitor profile is corruped or default monitor profile appears to be defective. The problem is basically that a profile has not yet been established by Photoshop for the new monitor. In the following simple solution I will show you how to resolve this problem and get Photoshop up and working properly again.

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Remove the Register Photoshop Prompt

Photoshop keeps asking me to register every time I start it, even though I have already registered Photoshop. This recurring “Register Photoshop” problem is a known issue with Photoshop CS2 when installed on Windows Vista. In the following simple solution, I’ll show you how to remove the Register Photoshop prompt or notice once and for all and get you working again without the annoying nag to register.

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Adobe Photoshop CS3 fails to Update

Photoshop CS3 fails to install Update. When performing the Adobe Flash Lite 3 update for Adobe Device Central CS3, you might encounter the error: “Flash Lite 3 Update for Device Central CS3 failed to install”. This is a common update issue that many Photoshop CS3 users are encountering. In most cases, it has been noted that the Device Central program won’t start after a failed Flash Lite 3 update. It appears that the problem is related to missing permissions of Adobe specific registry settings. In the following, I’ll cover how to fix the problem.

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Photoshop freezes when opening a file

The other day, I started noticing a major problem with my Adobe Photoshop installation on a particular computer. Everytime I went to open an existing file or create a new file, Adobe would lock up or freeze. Sometimes Photoshop would take nearly two minutes to open a file. Other times, the application would simply stop responding and Photoshop would need to be closed with (Ctrl+Alt+Del) Windows Task Manager. This problem was occurring with both Photoshop CS2 and Photoshop CS3.

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How to Remove the Green Box on Zoom in Camtasia

Camtasia is an awesome screen recorder to use for publishing Screencasts, Tutorials and YouTube videos. When using the smart focus feature, Camtasia Studio 5 is setup to display a green box or green rectangle when zooming in to sections of your screencast. By default, this green rectangle appears on each zoom in the final production of a video. However, we can easily turn off this feature and keep the green box from displaying in our final screencast production or video.

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Installing additional photoshop fonts

Where to install additional photoshop fonts: Once you have become familiar with editing in photoshop, you might want to start adding new font styles. Just yesterday, a friend of mine who is relatively new to photoshop had asked “How do I add additional fonts to photoshop”. Knowing that there are probably many other people out there wanting to know the answer, I figured I would post a quick response here on the site.

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How to Reset Photoshop to default settings

How To Reset Photoshop to default settings. When working from Windows, I typically use Photoshop to do much of my graphical work. Gimp is also a great open source equivalent for those who prefer working from Linux (can be used in Windows as well). A typical problem people encounter when playing around with Photoshop is that of changing the default settings during experimentation and then forgetting what the baseline setting were. If you have been messing with Photoshop for long enough, you know exactly what I mean.

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