Can’t Open or Create New Files in Photoshop

If you find yourself suddenly unable to Open or Create a New Files in Photoshop, know that you are not alone. I have personally also encountered this issue after a recent update. Fortunately, fixing the problem is quite simple. In the following section, I show you how.

Fixing Can’t Open or Create a New File in Photoshop

  1. Launch Photoshop
  2. Once it is up and running, press Ctrl+K to open the Preferences page.
  3. Tick the box to Use Legacy “New Document” Interface, and then click OK
    Photoshop Use Legacy Interface
  4. Now try to press Ctrl+N to Create a New File or Ctrl+O to open an existing file. If all went well, you should once again be able to Open files or Create new files in Photoshop.
    Create New File Photoshop

Side Note: I have encountered cases where the above fix didn’t work for opening files. In which case uninstalling and reinstalling Photoshop did fix the problem.