Specialized Phenom Saddle Review

My "Specialized Phenom Saddle Review". I recently purchased a Phenom Specialized Body Geometry Saddle to replace the stock seat on my Trek Ion CX. The factory saddle recently became scuffed and bent up during a bad bicycling accident. I wanted a replacement that was lightweight, similar in design, and open throughout the center section of the bicycle seat. Specialized Body Geometry Saddles look great and have performed well for me in the past, so I figured I'd try the brand again.

Specialized Body Geometry Phenom Saddle

Specialized Phenom Saddle Review - Side

I chose the 143mm Phenom Expert, which utilizes lightweight hollow titanium rails. This particular saddle weighs in at 242g, and features white + red accents.

Phenom Seat Bottom

As can be seen below, the Specialized Phenom Seat also sports a recessed cutout to help prevent critical nerves from being pinched, and assure arterial blood flow to sensitive body parts.

Specialized Phenom Saddle - Top

After installing the seat in at as close to the same position as my factory seat, I ventured out for my daily ride. The Phenom seat felt more firm than the factory seat I pulled from my Trek Icon CX. However, after I soon found out that this additional firmness was a good thing. My sit bones seemed to be resting right where they should be! On the old seat, my genitals would constantly go numb. The problem was likely a combination of two issues. Having too much seat cushion where the sit bones rest, and the central section of the stock seat having no cutout or relief.  In short, I believe the stock seat was forcing the central area of the seat upward. Further pinching off blood flow and pressing on nerves.

After having spent a few hundred miles on the Specialized Phenom Saddle or Seat, I am still glad to have made this purchase. In my particular case, replacing the damaged factory seat has inadvertently helped me to overcome ride numbness.