How to Copy and Paste with a Mac

How do I Copy and Paste on Mac? As crazy as it sounds, if you are just learning to use an Apple MacBook Air or Pro, this is one of the first questions or problems you will likely encounter. Although the process of copying and pasting with a Mac is similar to Windows and Linux, it does slightly differ. None the less, read on to learn the simple solution to Copy, Cut, and Paste while operating within the OS X environment.

It's easy to Copy and Paste with a Mac

copy and paste with a mac

To Copy and Paste with a Mac computer, you need to first locate the Command key on your keyboard. It is generally located adjacent to the space bar. You might also notice that this key is often labeled with a symbol that resembles a four leaf clover.

Note: To use the following keyboard key combinations, Press and hold the Command key, while proceeding to press the letter that is assigned to either the Copy, Cut or Past function. Then, release the keys.

  1. To Copy on a Mac, press and hold the following keys;
    Command + C
  2. To Cut on a Mac, use;
    Command + X
  3. To Paste on a Mac, use;
    Command + V

This concludes How To Copy and Paste with a MacBook computer. If you found this simple solution helpful, you might also be interested in creating text file in mac.