Switching Video Cards Macbook Pro

Switching Video Cards Macbook Pro: In the following simple solution, I will explain how to switch between the nVidia 9400M and the nVidia 9600M GT video cards on the new Macbook Pro. On the new Macbook Pro, the lower wattage nVidia 9400M is used by default to help extend battery life. But when you need pure graphical performance, the powerful 9600M GT can be made available on demand. Here is how to switch between the two cards.

Switching to the nVidia 9600M GT on a Macbook Pro:

  1. Click the System Preferences Icon from your Macbook’s Dock:
  2. Select System Preferences

  3. Now, select Energy Saver from the System Preferences Window:
  4. Select the Energy Saver Icon

  5. From the Energy Saver menu, check the Higher Performance Graphics Option:
  6. Select the Higher Performance Option

  7. Once prompted, click Log Out to Change Graphics Settings:
  8. Select Logout to change graphics settings

The System will proceed to log you out and then back in utilizing the 9600M GT for Performance. To Switch back to the 9400M video card, you can use the same procedure selecting the Better Battery Life Graphics option instead.

Side Notes: If you run Windows XP or Windows Vista on your Macbook Pro, the nVidia 9600M GT video card is used by default. There are currently no drivers provided by Apple to allow you to switch between the 9400M and 9600M GT video cards in Windows.