How to Create a Text File on Mac

When you want to Create a Text File on Mac, it works a bit different than it does on Windows. You'll find it maybe a little more challenging than just performing a simple right mouse click and selecting to create a New > Text Document, like you can do from Windows.

However, the task is still relatively simple. It just takes on a slightly different approach. The following simple solution covers how to create a text document on Mac operating systems. I cover the manual terminal method of quickly making a new text file within the Mac OS X environment.

How to Create a Text File on Mac OS

How do I create a text document on a Mac? It's really pretty straightforward and simple. When using the terminal, here's how:

  1. (1.) Click the Magnifying Glass from the upper right hand corner of your Mac desktop.
    (2.) Type Terminal into the Spotlight.
    (3.) Select Terminal from the list.
    Open Terminal Mac OS
  2. From the Terminal Window that opens;
    (1.) Type cd desktop and press Enter/Return.
    (2.) Type touch newfile.txt and press Enter/Return.
    (3.) You should now see the newfile.txt file on your desktop.
    Create a Text File on Mac

Additional Notes regarding making a new Text file or Document on Mac OS:
While in the terminal, you can change to any directory by using the cd command. The new file or document can be saved anywhere, it doesn't have to be created on the desktop. Also keep in mind that you can use the touch command to create a new file named whatever you want; (the new file doesn't have to be named newfile.txt).