How to Create a Text File on Mac OS X

Creating a Text File on Mac OS X manually is a bit more challenging than performing a simple right mouse click and selecting to create a New > Text Document, like you do from within Windows. However, the task is still relatively simple… just takes a different approach. In the following simple solution, I cover one manual method of quickly making a new text file within the Mac OS X environment. I used Mac OS X 10.7.3.

Creating a New Text File from a Mac OS X Environment

      1. (1) Click the Magnifying Glass in the upper right hand corner of your Mac OS X Desktop, (2) Type Terminal into the Spotlight, (3) Select Terminal from the list.

    Open Terminal Mac OS X

  1. From the Terminal Window that opens, (1) Type cd desktop and press Enter/Return, (2) Type touch newfile.txt and press Enter/Return, (3) You should now see the newfile.txt file on your desktopMake a new text file on a Mac OS X

Additional Notes: Using cd, you can change to any directory (doesn’t have to be desktop). You can use touch to create a new file named whatever you want (doesn’t have to be named newfile,txt).