How to remove Avast Antivirus from a Mac

In the following simple solution, I cover the process of "Removing Avast Antivirus Mac version" from a Mac. Avast is a nice antivirus software, however, some people that have installed it, prefer other solutions. Uninstalling Avast on a Mac is just slightly more involved than other applications, this is mainly due to the fact that simply quitting the program does not shut it down and Avast cannot be removed until it is shut down.

Removing Avast Mac Edition:

  1. Navigate to Avast > Preferences:
  2. avast preferences

  3. Next, "uncheck" the option to Launch at startup as a persistent application:
  4. Uncheck Launch at Startup

  5. Once prompted, click the button to Quit and remove persistence:
  6. quit and remove persistence

  7. Now you can simply drag Avast from your applications folder to your trash bin and then empty your trash to remove it from your system