How to Remove the Green Box on Zoom in Camtasia

Camtasia is an awesome screen recorder to use for publishing Screencasts, Tutorials and YouTube videos. When using the smart focus feature, Camtasia Studio is setup to display a green box or green rectangle when zooming in to sections of your screencast. By default, this green rectangle appears on each zoom in the final production of a video. However, we can easily turn off this feature and keep the green box from displaying in our final screencast production or video.

Camtasia - Remove the Green Box on Zoom feature

  1. Start Camtasia Studio.
  2. From the menu bar, navigate to Tools -> Options and click the Zoom tab from the menu that appears.
    Camtasia zoom options
  3. Uncheck the option to Apply Zoom-n-Pan hints and click Ok
    Camtasia - To Remove the Green Box on Zoom feature, uncheck zoom-n-pan hints
  4. Now whenever you produce a final video, the green box will not display on the sections you chose to zoom.