Easily Rename a File or Folder on Mac OS X

What is the easiest way to rename a file or folder on Mac OS X? In the following simple solution, I show you how to easily rename a file or folder from within your Mac OS X Operating Environment. If you are relatively new to your MacBook, MacBook Air, or MacBook Pro, renaming files or folders is an issue you are likely to encounter early on with your new machine.

As we all know, in Windows, you can simply right click on a file or folder and select the option to rename, however from a Mac OS X Environment, this process will not yield the same results.

How to Rename a file or folder on Mac

Renaming a file or folder on an Apple Mac OS computer system;

  1. Simply Click twice on the Folder or File you would like to rename.
  2. Then, Press the return key (to allow editing). The highlighted color should change from dark to light blue.
  3. Now, Type a new file name for your file or folder.
  4. Finally, Press the return key once again to make the change.

Rename a file or folder on Mac