How to set a WordPress Static Front Page

WordPress is perfect to use as a personal blogging platform. But did you know that it can also be used as a complete Web Site replacement? By using the Static Front Page option built into WordPress version 2.1 and later, one can literally turn a Blog into a Website. In addition, the user can still retain the Blog Post structure.

The Static FrontPage option allows a user to set a specific WordPress Page to be the Home Page, Main Front Page or site index. So rather than visiting your site and seeing a list of posts, the visitor can be presented with for example a nice introductory main page as to what your site or blog is all about.

Enabling The WordPress Home Page (Static FrontPage):

Before proceeding, make sure you have already written a page to use as the WordPress Main Front Page.

  1. Login to your WordPress admin panel
  2. From the menu, navigate to Options-> Reading
  3. Under Front Page, check the static page option. WordPress Static Frontpage options
  4. Select the main page you would like to display from the Front page drop down.
  5. Optional: Select the Posts page (page that will list your most recent Blog posts). I normally set this to a blank page because it will be populated with posts.
  6. Click Update Options and go view your site!