Find Windows Login Password

The following simple solution can be used to retrieve a Lost Windows login password. Helpful for those who have forgot Windows Login password and need to Reveal Windows Login Password. I can recall multiple instances when I have needed to Find Windows Login Password for an administrative account. Over time it's easy to forget what password we have set for the Windows admin account. The good news is that these passwords are easily recoverable by using a tool called Ophcrack.

How to Find Windows Login Passwords:

Ophcrack can be used to reveal or recover lost (user account or admin account) Windows Login passwords for Windows XP or Vista.

    1. Download the Ophcrack Windows XP ISO or Ophcrack Windows Vista ISO
    2. Burn the ISO to a CD using CD burning Software or use YUMI to put Ophcrack on a USB Drive
    3. Reboot your computer, booting from the Ophcrack CD/USB
    4. When the Ophcrack LiveCD Menu appears, press Enter

Ophcrack LiveCD Menu

    1. Next, wait for Ophcrack to load. Once it has loaded and found your Windows partition, it will automatically begin deciphering and decrypting your Windows login password hashes.

Ophcrack Deciphering  Windows Login Passwords

  1. Once the process has completed, write down your passwords, then simply reboot your computer, remove the Ophcrack CD and attempt to login to Windows XP or Vista with the acquired passwords.

Enjoy! ;)