How to Embed Mp3 Music on a Website

It is easy to Embed Mp3 Music, Audio Files, or Songs on a Website or Webpage, so that your visitors can choose to play music in the background while they browse your site. This can be accomplished via the embed tag. However, some browsers like Firefox might not be natively hooked to a default media player, leaving the user to install additional plugins. Sure you could embed Windows Media Player, but the code would not function if the user was without Windows Media Player installed.
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Find the Hottest Searched Keywords and Topics

What do people search for on the Internet? What Topics, Keywords and Phrases are being searched on the Internet right now? Finding this information may be easier than you think. Most search engines organize and keep track information regarding search history and publicize the results for anyone to view. The following are some resources that freely provide some sort of Keyword or Topic search history.

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How to prevent Hotlink bandwidth theft

Hotlink protection of web site images and files: What is Hotlinking? Hotlinking is when a web site is linking directly to images, video’s or other files that are served from another site. Hotlinking can be considered bandwidth theft, because images served on the page are remotely hosted on the owners page. As visitors arrive to view the page, the remote host has to conjour up the images for viewing which consumes additional bandwidth of the image owners site. In the following, I cover one way a site owner can protect their images and files from being hotlinked to help prevent bandwidth theft.

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WordPress SEO Search Engine Optimization tips

Search Engine Optimization or SEO works a bit differently for those of us using WordPress blogging software. In this article I will show you a few tips on how to optimize your personal WordPress blog to obtain a higher Pagerank. Pagerank is what the Google Search Engine uses to rate your site compared to other sites based on the same content. A higher Pagerank can set your Web page ahead of others in the search results.

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Display your visitors IP address on your site

Display your Visitors IP Address This tutorial explains how to display your visitors IP address on your Website or Blog using a php script. You can see a demo located in the sidebar right here on my blog. The file is actually called into the template as an image file. It’s a simple php code and the process is straightforward. So let’s get started.

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Hosting a Web Site from Home

In the past, web site hosting from home was something that the average person with a limited understanding of networking wouldn’t dare attempt. But nowadays with the introduction of complete (Apache/PHP/SQL) packages such as Xampp, EasyPHP and NetServer, it isn’t uncommon for the average person to begin hosting their own sites from home. I personally host a few of my sites from home.

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