Embed PDF in WordPress

Embed PDF in WordPress: In the following simple solution, I'll show you how to easily embed PDF files into your WordPress posts. There are many times in which I have needed to embed PDF files into a page or post for clients, enabling a visitor to read the PDF document right from the page. The process of embedding PDF files into a WordPress post is fairly simple, assuming your using a WordPress version later than 2.6.

How to Embed PDF files into a WordPress Post

  1. Using an ftp client, upload the .pdf file to your sites directory root
  2. Login to your WordPress admin panel
  3. Select the post or page you would like to add the PDF document to
  4. From the WYSIWYG editor, select the option to Insert/edit embedded media
    Click the option to insert/edit embedded media
  5. (1) For Type, select Shockwave (2) Enter the URL to your .pdf file (3) Set your dimensions (4) Click Insert
    Embedding a PDF file into WordPress
  6. Save your post, then go view your post

If all goes well, you should now have your pdf file or document embedded into your WordPress post or page.

An alternate method to include a PDF file using the embed tag is as follows:

  1. Use an ftp client to upload the PDF file to your server
  2. Login to your WordPress Admin panel
  3. Select the post you want to add the PDF file to
  4. Select the HTML editor and add the following code where you would like the PDF file to present

    <embed src="//yoursite.com/the.pdf" width="500" height="375">