How to Delete All Existing WordPress Post Revisions

In the following tutorial I cover how to Delete or remove All Existing WordPress Post Revisions. With WordPress 2.6 and beyond came a feature called Post Revisions. Some people feel that this feature clutters up the database with redundant content. I am one of those who can do without the Post Revisions feature. I have actually seen Post Revisions displayed as redundant posts in conjunction with some popular post rank displaying plugins. So, here is how to remove WordPress Post Revisions from your SQL database.

Deleting All Existing WordPress Post Revisions

    1. Login to your phpMyAdmin section from cPanel or equivalent
    2. Locate and select your WordPress database from the phpMyAdmin sidebar
    3. Click the SQL tab from the menu, insert the following line of code and click go to apply the changes:

DELETE FROM wp_posts WHERE post_type = “revision”;

That’s all there is to it, Enjoy! ;)

Now all post revisions related records should have been purged from your SQL database and all revision history should have been deleted. If you would like to, you can also completely Disable WordPress Revisions to stop Revisions from ever being created again.