Add a navigation menu to WordPress

This tutorial will explain how to add a simple Horizontal Navigation Menu to WordPress. The navigation menu or bar will allow your visitors to obtain easy access to your site and all of it’s content directly from the top of each page or post.

WordPress – How to make the sidebar show in posts and pages

I’ve always enjoyed using WordPress blogging software from the day I first installed it. It’s simple to work with, is well structured and contains an easy to navigate admin menu. WordPress includes a default template called Kubrick that contains a great simple base design to work with.

WordPress – Modified Kubrick Full Sidebar Theme

I’ve really enjoyed using WordPress and even the default Kubrick theme. But, I am one who cannot leave anything alone, especially if it’s looks and functions are generic. So I decided to pursue a few modifications to the WordPress default Kubrick theme to improve it’s looks and functionality.

How to become more successful

I’ve found by looking through my past attempts to accomplish a goal that there are a few consistant strong influences which determine whether or not I will successfully accomplish that goal. If we picture the mind as a switch, and were to analyze these influences, categorize them then could learn to switch off the negative …

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