FTP Error Copying File or Folder

If you like to use Windows Explorer to perform your FTP file transfers and are having problems with the file transfer timing out during the last second or last few second of the download, just know that your not alone. The File Transfer ability that is built into Windows is primitive and many settings are not adjustable as they would be using more advanced FTP client software. This is especially true when it comes to setting a passive port. In many cases a person may find that larger FTP downloads time out or never finish. In the following, I'll show you a resolution that works for me.

Commonly encountered Error Code:

If your getting transfer errors like the following while using Windows Explorer to perform offsite file transfers, read on...

Error Copying File or Folder:
An error occurred while copying the file. The operation timed out.

Error Copying File


Try using a good stand alone FTP client. If your looking for a totally Free FTP Stand alone client, I highly recommend and personally use i.Ftp. This application can even be run directly from a portable USB device.

For more information on running it portably, see this post.