How to install Internet Explorer 8 for Windows XP SP2

Windows Internet Explorer 8 is the next generation browser from Microsoft. The IE8 Web Browser is commonly used by those running Microsoft's Windows Vista Operating Systems. However, Windows XP users can enjoy the benefits of using Internet Explorer Beta 1 as well. The version of Windows Internet Explorer 8 outlined below will run on a Windows XP or XP Pro system with Service Pack 2 installed.

Some featured highlights of this new version include the ability to prevent phishing and deceptive websites from appearing without user permission. Top Level domain highlighting, so the user can confirm the domain they are visiting. Activities and Webslice features allow the user a much more interactive experience while enabling Website Publishers to increase their reach. The user can also select to navigate using the emulate IE7 feature.

Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1 Screenshot:

Internet Explorer 8

Installing Internet Explorer 8 for Windows XP SP2:

  • First, you should ensure that your current Windows XP Operating System is up to date and that Service Pack 2 is installed.
  • The complete installation package is of course available directly from Microsoft. You can get it HERE