Windows Vista Lost Recycle Bin

Help, I’ve lost my recycle bin: Within Windows Vista, There is now a New Delete option when right-clicking the Recycle Bin. This option gives the Vista user the option of easily removing the shortcut from the desktop. I’ve often found that many people accidentally click the delete option and appear puzzled when they can no longer find the recycle bin shortcut on the desktop. Don’t be alarmed, the following tutorial explains how to quickly restore it.

Restoring the lost recycle bin in Vista:

    Click Start-> Control Panel-> Appearance and Personalization-> Personalization

    Or for those of us using “classic view”

  1. Click Start-> Control Panel->Personalization and then click the option to “change desktop icons” from the left-hand column as seen below:


    From there just tick Recycle Bin box and click OK.

    Restoring the Windows Vista Recycle Bin Desktop Shortcut

    Congratulations, your recycle bin shortcut should now be restored to the desktop!