BitDefender Wont Uninstall (FIXED)

Help! BitDefender won't Uninstall. Just the other day, I went to install ESET Smart Security (NOD32) on a clients computer. The client said recently that they let their previous BitDefender Antivirus Software subscription expire and rather than renewing their subscription, decided to give ESET Smart Security a try.

When we attempted to install the ESET Antivirus Software, the installer complained that "BitDefender Software" was still installed. I was also informed that BitDefender was properly removed by the client using Add/Remove Programs.

ESET BitDefender Problem

So, here is how I resolved the problem and removed all traces of BitDefender.

How to Completely Remove BitDefender:

  1. Download the BitDefender Uninstaller
  2. Double click the file to launch the uninstaller\
  3. Click the Uninstall Button

bitdefender uninstaller
Note that this Uninstaller even removes all registry settings set by BitDefender.