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Road Runner Turbo Speed Test

rr turbo speed test

Road Runner Turbo Speed Test: After upgrading from Road Runner Standard to Road Runner Turbo cable internet service, you might feel the need to test out your new and improved internet connection speed. Of course a simple Google search for speed test will result in many great services that offer bandwidth or speed testing. However, …

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FTP Error Copying File or Folder

error copying file

If you like to use Windows Explorer to perform your FTP file transfers and are having problems with the file transfer timing out during the last second or last few second of the download, just know that your not alone. The File Transfer ability that is built into Windows is primitive and many settings are …

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Error – invalid maildirsize file

If you’re experiencing the following error: invalid maildirsize file on your server when changing a quota in the email accounts section of your cPanel, your mailbox may be corrupt. The “invalid maildirsize file” error can be easily corrected 99% of the time by following this simple solution. Implementing this fix is easy and only takes …

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