getPlus + (R) Adobe Download Error

If you have encountered the dreaded getPlus + (R) Adobe Download error, your not alone. The error seems to stem from the package manager Adobe uses to fetch downloads like Adobe PDF Reader. In the case of downloading Adobe PDF Reader, I will show you my simple solution for fixing the problem and getting Adobe Reader downloaded once and for all.

getPlus + (R): Error Installation is corrupt! (16248.202.235-42072312.8007007E.FFFFFFFF.80080005)

getPlus+(R) Error - Installation is corrupt!

Bypass the getPlus + (R): Error and download Adobe

  1. (1) Click X to Close the Error dialog (2) Click the Download Link Close Adobe Error Dialog and Click the Download Link
  2. Click Save File and save the Adobe Reader download to your desktop Save the Adobe download to your desktop
  3. Double click the downloaded file to install Adobe Reader Install Adobe Reader

If all goes well, Adobe Reader should now install without a hiccup.