How to Replace a Toilet Flapper

How do you Replace a Toilet Flapper? Generally, when a toilet tank begins to intermittently fill with water (the aftermath of flushing) when no one is using it, this is a sign that the toilet flapper needs replacing. Modern toilet flappers are made of soft rubber and can last many years. However, using harsh chemicals to clean and disinfect a toilet and tank can rapidly deteriorate and or harden a rubber flapper, resulting in a flapper that no longer holds a seal.

Here's the complete process to change out or remove an old toilet flapper and install or replace it with a new one.

How to Remove Toilet Flapper

To remove a Toilet Flapper;

  1. First, shut off the water supply to the toilet.
    Turn off the water supply to toilet
  2. Next, remove the toilet tank lid and flush the toilet numerous times until there is no longer water remaining in the tank.
  3. Now, unlatch the clip that attaches the flapper chain to the handle lever.
    Remove the clip from the lever
  4. Next, from inside the toilet tank, gently pull up on the flapper arms to release the old flapper from its posts.
    Remove toilet flapper

How to Install Toilet Flapper

To Install Toilet Flapper;

  1. Remove the clip from its chain and place the new flapper into position over the posts within the toilet tank.
    Remove the toilet flapper clip from chain
    Install Toilet Flapper
  2. With the new toilet flapper seated, lift the chain up to the handle lever. Leaving two to three links of slack in the chain, reattach the clip to the chain and then to the handle lever. There should be no tension on the chain when the flapper is in the seated position.
    Replacing a Toilet Flapper
  3. Turn on the water. Once the toilet tank has stopped filling with water, flush the toilet to * ensure that the toilet is flushing and filling properly.

New Adjustable Water Saving Toilet Flapper Installed

*(Optional) If your new flapper is an adjustable water saving toilet flapper, you can adjust the new flapper. You can make this adjustment by simply rotating the indicator between Min and Max to allow more or less flushing volume. I usually start somewhere in the middle, and then experiment with a few flushes to set it just right. Normally, you won't need to deviate more than a few points in on direction or the other.
Adjustable Water Saving Flapper

That concludes this tutorial on removing, changing, and installing a new water saving toilet flapper.