Remove rel=EditURI and rel=wlwmanifest links

In the following simple solution, I’ll show you how to remove the wlwmanifest and EditURI links from the WordPress head section of your blog. You only need these links if you plan to use Windows Live Writer to write to your WordPress blog. If you do not plan to use Windows Live Writer, you can safely remove these header links to slightly reduce the size and load time of your pages while potentially increasing  SEO by moving the important site content upwords.

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Remove meta name=”generator” content=”WordPress”

As of WordPress 2.5, and beyond, the <meta name=”generator” content=”WordPress” /> meta tag was moved from the template to the core of WordPress. This means that you can no longer simply remove the call from the template. We now need to include a function in functions.php In order to remove meta name generator” content tag. I feel it’s important to remove this tag, because it exposes the WordPress version your site is running which could lead a person to expose vulnerabilities for the particular WordPress version and further compromise your site.

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