Disable WordPress Autosave

In the following simple solution, I cover how to Disable WordPress Autosave function. A lot of people are having problems with the WordPress Autosave feature.  The WordPress Autosave feature was intended to automatically save your work in the background after a certain period of time to prevent you from losing your work. However many are finding that their most recent post or page edits are getting lost when they go to preview and publish the entry.

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How to Disable or Turn Off WordPress Post Revisions

In the following simple solution, I show you how to turn off or disable the WordPress Post Revision feature. Although I enjoy the look, feel and new features of WordPress 2.6, I simply find the WordPress Post Revisions to be entirely annoying. I’ve seen this feature wreak complete havoc on some great post ranking plugins and don’t want to ever risk posting duplicate content. Because of this, I have disabled the WordPress Post Revisions feature on many of my blogs. You can too, here is how I did it.

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How to Delete Existing WordPress Post Revisions

In the following tutorial, I’ll cover how to Delete or remove Existing WordPress Post Revisions. With WordPress 2.6 and beyond came a feature called Post Revisions. Some people feel that this feature clutters up the database with redundant content. I am one of those who can do without the Post Revisions feature. I have actually seen Post Revisions displayed as redundant posts in conjunction with some popular post rank displaying plugins. So, here is how to remove WordPress Post Revisions from your SQL database.

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