Adjust Windows XP Power Options

The adjustable power options within Windows XP are designed to help conserve energy. However, a user might want to change the default Windows XP power management settings. In the following, I will attempt to answer a few common problems related to the setting of these options.

Blocking Google AdSense ads

There are times you might want to block Google AdSense text and image advertisements from showing up in your web browser. For example, if you’re an AdSense publisher and need to do some editing to your site but would like to block the ads for your own safety. Or maybe you just want to browse …

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The Best WordPress Plugins

My Pick of the Best WordPress Plugins. With so many great plugins available for WordPress that it can become difficult to choose which ones to install and use. Shortly after installing WordPress as my preferred Blogging software, I started looking for plugins and addons to enhance the functionality and looks of my Blog. The process …

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Adding AdSense Ads between WordPress posts

In the following tutorial, I explain how to place Google AdSense ads between your WordPress posts. This is similar to the tutorial on How to add AdSense Ads between posts on category pages, with the exception that this example places ads on your Blog’s Main index or Home page.