Specialized Romin Saddle Review

My Review of the Specialized Romin Saddle. In my quest to find the perfect road saddle for my Trek Madone 5.2, I came across the Specialized Romin Comp Gel Seat, a Body Geometry Saddle. The stock saddle that came with my Madone wasn’t bad. However, I was beginning to experience some mild numbness while in the …

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Specialized Phenom Saddle Review

My “Specialized Phenom Saddle Review”. I recently purchased a Phenom Specialized Body Geometry Saddle to replace the stock seat on my Trek Ion CX. The factory saddle recently became scuffed and bent up during a bad bicycling accident. I wanted a replacement that was lightweight, similar in design, and open throughout the center section of …

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Bontrager H2 700X28C Tire Review

My “Bontrager H2 700X28C Tire Review”: After putting several hundred miles on my Trek Ion CX (riding on paved and crushed limestone trails), I decided it was time to switch out the stock CX0 700x38C Cyclocross tires for something more suitable for pavement and packed limestone. I have had good luck with Bontrager tires, and …

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FIXED: No Devices Matches MBR Identifier

If you are getting boot errors stating “No Devices Matches MBR Identifier” while trying to boot OpenSUSE from a custom flash drive, it is likely that the Disk Identifier (or Disk ID) found in the MBR file, is incorrect. In the following simple solution, I’ll show you a couple of ways to fix this.