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Miscellaneous Simple Solutions

Free 3GP Video Converter

Free 3GP Video Converter

“Free 3GP Video Converter” is a free video conversion utility created by DVDVideoSoft Limited. The Free tool can be used to Convert 3GP video files (3GPP format) recorded using your cell phone to acceptable video formats that can easily be played back on your computer. Quickly convert 3GP to AVI or 3GP to MP4 files …

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PhpMyAdmin SQL Search and Replace

In the following simple solution, I’ll show you how to Search and Replace SQL database information from PhpMyAdmin. This SQL query method is extremely helpful when you need to replace multiple text strings and do not wish to export the entire database just to make those changes. With the SQL Search and Replace (SQL Query …

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Firefox Inline Spell Checker


Firefox includes a built in spell checker that can check for spelling errors. However, by default the spell checking feature only checks for multiline fields, which does no good if your typing a single line entry into a single line entry box. In the following simple solution, I’ll cover the process of tweaking the firefox …

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This site may harm your computer

google this site may harm1

This site may harm your computer: This morning 01/31/09, a glitch in a computer security program used with the Google search engine temporarily prevented users from visiting any website retrieved from Google search results.  The problem was related to Google’s Stop Badware (anti-malware) software. This software was created in an effort to keep Internet users …

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How to Clean a Laptop Screen

Be careful when attempting to clean a Laptop screen or LCD monitor as there are many chemicals that can damage the finish of a Laptop screen or LCD monitor. In addition, you should ensure that the fabric used in conjunction with the chemical is not too abrasive or harsh or you risk scratching the screen …

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BitDefender Wont Uninstall (FIXED)

bitdefender uninstaller

Help! BitDefender won’t Uninstall. Just the other day, I went to install ESET Smart Security (NOD32) on a clients computer. The client said recently that they let their previous BitDefender Antivirus Software subscription expire and rather than renewing their subscription, decided to give ESET Smart Security a try.

9800M GT vs 9800M GTX Benchmark

9800m gt vs 9800m gtx benchmark

Is the 9800M GTX worth the price difference? A lot of midrange and entertainment laptops are now shipping with either the nVidia 9800M GT or the 9800M GTX video cards. I’ve recently had a few friends ask if the 9800M GTX is worth the upgrade or price difference. With a little bit of research and …

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Blue Screen of Death Screensaver


The Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) is one of the most feared screens in the Windows world. When encountered, the blue screen is usually a sign of failing system hardware or software incompatibility issues. However, did you know that there is a screensaver prank available directly from Microsoft that will allow you to play a …

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