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How to manually upgrade WordPress

The following tutorial explains how to quickly upgrade WordPress to a newer version. The process is fairly straightforward and simple, however, I have frequently caught people including myself being lazy on an upgrade skipping important steps of the process. I feel it's important to perform a manual WordPress upgrade and not auto upgrade using a …

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WordPress broken by Plugin

At some point in time, nearly every WordPress Blogger will experience a broken WordPress blog due to the recent activation of a non compatible plugin. A broken plugin can wreak all sorts of havoc on a WordPress blog including the inability to access the WordPress administration panel. In most cases, when a blog breaks, the …

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Display Adsense Search Results Within WordPress Pages


Put Google adsense search results in WordPress: The results from an adsense search are by default, displayed on a google landing page. Google allows Website publishers to display these search results on their own landing page. In this tutorial, I explain this process step by step using WordPress.