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Using .htaccess to redirect underscores to dashes

The following tutorial explains how to use .htaccess to redirect underscores _ in a tag url to dashes -. This is very important for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) because many search engines including Google do not recognize underscores as spaces between words. They do however, recognize dashes to separate words and tag keyword phrases.

What is Google AdSense Smart Pricing

Google AdSense ‘Smart Pricing’ is believed to be a factor that has a direct and substantial impact on AdSense Publishers Cost Per Click earnings (CPC). Smart Pricing could be considered Google’s attempt to give AdWords Advertisers the best value for their investment while helping protect the Advertiser from click fraud and from garbage pages with …

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How to manually upgrade WordPress

The following tutorial explains how to quickly upgrade WordPress to a newer version. The process is fairly straightforward and simple, however, I have frequently caught people including myself being lazy on an upgrade skipping important steps of the process. I feel it’s important to perform a manual WordPress upgrade and not auto upgrade using a …

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WordPress broken by Plugin

At some point in time, nearly every WordPress Blogger will experience a broken WordPress blog due to the recent activation of a non compatible plugin. A broken plugin can wreak all sorts of havoc on a WordPress blog including the inability to access the WordPress administration panel. In most cases, when a blog breaks, the …

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Display Adsense Search Results Within WordPress Pages


Put Google adsense search results in WordPress: The results from an adsense search are by default, displayed on a google landing page. Google allows Website publishers to display these search results on their own landing page. In this tutorial, I explain this process step by step using WordPress.