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Disable Chrome Cache

How to Disable Chrome Cache – Google Chrome Web Browser. There are often several reasons a person might want to prevent their Chrome Web Browser from Caching pages visited on the internet. One might assume “Disabling Cache” to be an easy option to find and set in Chrome. But currently the only setting to disable …

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Reveal or Find Windows Email Passwords

Want to Reveal or Find Windows Email Passwords? Mail PassView is probably one of the easiest and most straight forward Mail Password recovery tools to use. Created by NirSoft and made specifically for Email Password Recovery, this free tool is tiny yet powerful. Users might use Mail PassView to Show Mail Passwords stored in Windows Mail clients. Clients such as …

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Mailto Links Not Working

Mailto links not working from Chrome on Windows 10. I recently encountered an issue where all mailto links listed on websites were not working or opening in Chrome or Firefox browsers. The operating system was Windows 10 and email client was Windows Live Mail. As it turns out, the mailto association was incorrect so Chrome, …

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Firefox Status Addon Bar Missing

Firefox Status Bar Missing? According to Mozilla, starting with Firefox 4, The status bar has been positionally replaced by the Firefox Addon Bar, and many of the status bar features such as page loading status, and download status have been moved. However, if you had addons that used to appear in the status bar, you …

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Tweak to Optimize SSD Performance

In the following simple solution, I cover the process I use to Tweak an SSD “Solid State Drive” for Optimal Performance and Longetivity. There are a few tools out there that can manage a lot of the following settings  automatically. However, I feel it’s also important to know how to make these changes yourself. Upon …

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