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How to backup Outlook Express E Mail Messages

There are times when a Windows user might want to back up important Outlook Express E-Mail Messages. I always create a message backup just before reformatting a computer or when moving essential information from one computer to another. This tutorial assumes the user is working with Microsoft Outlook Express 6.

Slipstream Windows XP with service pack 2

This article covers the process of Slipstreaming service pack 2 into Windows XP and creating a new Slipstreamed Boot CD to be used for later installs. Slipstreaming eliminates the need to install service pack 2 after Windows installation because the updates are installed from the CD during installation.

Adjusting Windows XP Menu Show Delay

By default, Windows XP places a delay on menus before they are displayed. Some users feel this menu delay is a bit long and may prefer to reduce or eliminate the delay all together. The good news is that this is easily accomplished via the adjustment of a simple registry setting.

Disabling Windows XP System Restore feature

There are times when one might want to disable Windows XP System Restore. Maybe you would like to free up some drive space and system resources? Maybe your system contains a virus that cannot be removed because it has migrated into system restore? In any event disabling system restore is an easy task.

Installing and Partitioning a New Hard Drive

Ok, so you have purchased a new hard drive and would like to add it to your Windows XP computer. New drives do not ship pre-formatted, so you’ll need to create a new partition(s) and format them. Using the graphical disk management tool in Windows XP, it’s simple to create a new partition.

Run commands for Windows XP

The following is a run command shortcut list for Windows XP. Run commands allow a user to quickly access a variety or Windows XP tools and applications directly via the Start -> Run interface. For quick reference, the application name is on the left and the command you would type in the run window is …

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