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Disabling Windows XP Error Reporting

By default, when a Windows XP computer encounters an error, the user is prompted with a pop up asking them if they would like to send the pertaining error information to Microsoft. The following tutorial explains how to eliminate this pop up prompt when your computer encounters an error.

How to create trademark and copyright symbols

How to create trademark and copyright symbols: The following short tutorial explains how to create those neat circled C copyright, circled R registered trademark and TM trademark symbols. These symbols are often considered more visually appealing and generally produce less clutter than standard text.

How to clear the Browser Cache

In order to display any changes on a Web page, a user might click the Refresh button on the browser toolbar or press the F5 key on the keyboard. While this sometimes works, refreshing a page simply reloads the page without clearing the browser’s cache. Here are some additional techniques used by specific browsers to …

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How to Control Windows XP Cookies

Want to take full control of your Windows XP Cookies? The Documents and Settings folder found within Windows XP holds user specific information including all Cookies stored from an internet browsing session. You can take control and tell your computer exactly how to processes and handles these Cookies via the settings found in the Internet …

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Automating Windows XP System Tasks


The Scheduled Task Wizard is a helpful feature built into Windows XP that allows a user to schedule programs and applications to be run automatically. Think of it as a Windows version of an alarm clock for your programs. This feature is particularly useful for launching routine maintenance tasks such as Disk Cleanup and Defrag. …

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How to keep Windows XP up to date

Windows XP can be a great Operating environment. It is easy to navigate, use, and understand. However, Windows can quickly turn into a nightmare if not properly maintained and cared for. The use of good Antivirus software is crucial to keeping Windows up and running smoothly. But just as important and probably the most overlooked, …

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Adjust Windows XP Power Options

The adjustable power options within Windows XP are designed to help conserve energy. However, a user might want to change the default Windows XP power management settings. In the following, I will attempt to answer a few common problems related to the setting of these options.